Laboratory Manager

Justin Okorondu (B.Sc, M.Sc)



Justin is an Environmental Chemist with over eight years working experience in Environmental and Laboratory Services with renowned environmental laboratories across Nigeria. He joined the services of BGI Resources Limited as a Laboratory Manager in 2017.

His experience spans the area of Environmental Studies (EIA, EER, PIA, etc), Waste Management, Laboratory testing/Management, QA/QC and Analytical instrumentation. Justin has been able to inculcate his technical and academic experience in providing solutions to challenges at work. He is also a researcher with interest in the area of modeling of bio-degradation of crude oil impacted sites in Niger Delta.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc) in Applied Chemistry from the University of Calabar and a Master’s degree (M.Sc) in Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control from the University of Ibadan.