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Environmental Consulting

BGI Resources Limited has unrivaled experience in performing multi-disciplinary studies in onshore and offshore environments.  We have suitable tools for seabed/onshore environmental data acquisition, analysis and interpretation.  We offer premium environmental consultancy services to the oil and gas sector as well as private and public corporations in the following areas:

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a critical examination of the effects of a project on the environment. An EIA identifies both negative and positive impacts of any development activity or project, how it affects people, their property and the environment. EIA also identifies measures to mitigate the negative impacts. It seeks to minimize adverse impacts on the environment and reduces risks and has become a mandatory requirement for certain projects..As one of our core area of expertise, BGI has delivered several projects for both our multinational and national clients with repeated patronage..

Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps are a compilation of information about coastal shoreline sensitivity, biological resources, and human resources. This information is used in planning to create cleanup strategies before an accident occurs so that authorities are prepared to take action in the event of such a spill. Advance planning reduces the harmful consequences of oil spills and cleanup. BGI Resources Limited has the technical know-how to conduct this for the benefit of our clients.

Post Impact Assessment Studies

Oil spill incident is a regular occurrence mostly in the oil producing communities of the Niger Delta region. Following the remediation efforts by the oil companies, a post impact assessment is required to be done to establish the effectiveness of the remediation exercise. BGI Resources leverages on her extensive experience in this area to offer a value adding services to her clients and potential clients in a way that meet regulatory compliance.

Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES)

EES is a systematic, documented verification process for objectively obtaining and evaluating evidence to determine whether specified environmental activities, events, conditions, management systems conforms with audit criteria, and communicating the results of this process to the client. It is an investigative process to determine if an existing facility is in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. This service is essential to the environmental management process, as it complements associated field services aimed at analyzing environmental parameters. An environmental evaluation report ideally contains a statement of environmental performance and environmental position, and may also aim to define what needs to be done to sustain or improve on indicators of such performance and position.

Closure and Post Closure Monitoring

This involves developing a monitoring and maintenance plan for landfill facilities.

Effluent Monitoring

In line with existing regulation, facilities generating wastes are required to ensure constant monitoring of their effluent discharges to ensure it meets regulatory limits and to demonstrate good environmental consciousness and responsibility. Effluent monitoring is used in determining compliance with applicable standards within the facilities.

Environmental Compliance Audit

Conducting an environmental audit is no longer an option but a sound precaution and a proactive measure in today's heavily regulated environment. Indeed, evidence suggests that EA has a valuable role to play, encouraging systematic incorporation of environmental perspectives into many aspects of an organization’s overall operation, helping to trigger new awareness and new priorities in policies and practices. Environmental auditing is a systematic, documented, periodic and objective process in assessing an organization's activities and services and the level of compliance to the laws, policies and guidelines.

Air Quality Monitoring / Dispersion Modeling

Air Quality Monitoring involves emission monitoring and control of criteria pollutants, otherwise called Green House gases (GHG). Atmospheric dispersion modeling is an essential tool in air quality management by providing the link between environmental effects and discharges to air. Increasing environmental regulations has made dispersion model mandatory for some projects. BGI Resources Ltd has over the years garnered some working experience of air dispersion models and has undertaken same for some clients.

Socio-Economic, Cultural & Health Studies

The assessment of socio-economic/health impacts is an increasingly important aspect of EIA. In many instances, a robust assessment of socio-economic and health impacts of the projects can help to ensure that the impact of a development on communities and the economy are fully understood, and that any adverse impacts can be reduced while positive impacts can be emphasized. We have an in-depth knowledge of the communities where we study and this is very invaluable to the whole EIA exercise.

Waste Management

Used to classify the kind of waste produced, based on activities carried out and is usually incorporated in a Waste Management Plan.

Ecological Seabed Survey

Our extensive experience and familiarity with offshore environment put us in good position to carry out ecological seabed survey for our clients to assess the condition of the seabed before and after drilling operation and to inform appropriate conservation management of the seabed.

Geographic Information System

This is designed to capture spatial or geographic data and enables you to envision the geographic aspects of a body of data. It is required in all aspects of environmental analysis.

Health Risk Assessments

This kind of assessment helps to summarise health risks and quality of life to individuals who may be exposed to chemicals in high activity areas now or in the future using projection models.

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