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The Company

BGI Resources Limited was established as a multinational company to provide environmental consultancy services to oil and gas multinational companies, private developers, investors, Government agencies and Parastatals.

BGI Resources has unrivalled experience in performing multi-disciplinary studies in onshore and offshore environments.  We have suitable tools for seabed/onshore environmental data acquisition, analysis and interpretation.

BGI Resources aims at being the leader in providing premium environmental consultancy, management, and directly related services to our clients with a competitive advantage through continuous advancement in all areas of our performance.

We prepare comprehensive environmental impact assessment reports, as well as specialised analysis of air quality, water, soil and socio-economic impacts that allow the optimisation of project objectives, while accommodating environmental constraints and sensitivities in onshore and offshore environments.  Our experienced team of environmental scientist, socio-economic experts, engineers, medical, public health and statistical professionals quantify the environmental and health risks associated with various project activities/operations and develop strategies to minimise/mitigate the risks.

Our Mission

We shall be the company of choice in environmental consultancy, for clients, employees, and key suppliers in every industry market we serve by:

  • Delivering exceptional value to our clients;
  • Earning a fair return on our delivered value;
  • Working closely with clients, key suppliers, and communities to help improve the standard of living and quality of life.

Data Acquisition

BGI Resources is committed to acquiring accurate and legally defensible environmental data.  We adhere to regulatory requirements with strict chain-of custody protocols employed to ensure the validity of analytical data.  We go to the archives to reveal what was in existence, and use remote sensing techniques to establish the present environmental status, subsequently verifying and upgrading the developed baseline data through fieldwork activities.

Data Interpretation

BGI Resources uses the latest data processing techniques to assemble, process and present the vast volumes of environmental data often required to define site conditions.  Experienced environmental scientists, engineers and as well as other professionals review the tabular or graphical data presentations to interpret the impact of site conditions and to formulate analytical methods to evaluate solutions.




Our long, enormous and diverse experience as well as regulatory/permitting expertise put us in the forefront of environmental consulting in the country.  We have the technical skills, proven approaches, and sound judgement to meet today’s environmental challenges.


Our approach to environmental consultancy is to incorporate innovative ideas and lessons learned into every project, so that each can be done faster, better, cheaper than the one before.  Our commitment to improvement not only embraces effective new technologies, but the most complete, safe, efficient and cost-effective alternative possible.

Commitment to Quality

Our expertise and our innovation mean little without absolute commitment to providing our clients with environmental services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  We dedicate the depth of our resources, the experience of our employees, and the reputation of our firm to continually improving the services we provide our clients.  We surprise our clients with the quality of our work, from first planning meeting to the final evaluation of our joint success.

Quality Policy

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a competitive advantage through continuous process of quality advancement in all areas of our performance.

Partnership with Agencies

BGI Resources has a long history of working directly with regulators to develop innovative solutions to complex regulatory problems.  Our ability to build consensus between clients and regulators saves time, money, and effort for our clients.



BGI Resources brings creativity to project management, which makes us unrivalled in data acquisition, analysis, interpretation and quality services.  We consider each project a unique one.  We have practical experience in creating realistic project scopes, monitoring results and applying resources as needed to meet project schedules and budget.

We have resourceful people who are skilled and dedicated towards executing our project, this is key to our project management, we also provide these people with appropriate project management systems to plan and track results.

BGI Resources also recognises its role as the interface between clients and regulatory authorities setting environmental compliance standards.  Anticipation of regulatory directions and initiatives enables us to manage client’s environment oriented projects in order to reduce or minimise conflicts and financial risk.

Our project execution procedures conform to local, national and international regulatory Standards and are in line with International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 9002 and 14001 management systems.