Environmental Site Assessment

Businesses involved in industrial processes are required to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. As such, an environmental site assessment report may be required before the sale of these industrial properties or due to negative soil testing results beyond the industrial property line.

The Importance of Environmental Consultants

Although many companies may employee regulatory affairs personnel to maintain environmental compliance, they are not experts in soil testing. Engaging the services of experts in environmental consulting avoids issues of conflict of interest in testing results and Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment reporting.

State and federal authorities prefer these tests and reports be managed by an unbiased, certified Environmental Consulting group like BGI Resources Limited. BGI Resources Limited has the skill and expertise to render full scale environmental services to meet all national and international compliance regulations.

Clients of BGI Resources Limited are afforded the assurance of knowledgeable, fully licensed and trained environmental engineers and scientists. Few businesses will risk being out of compliance or discovering their industrial plant is located on property that may have contamination issues.