An Overview of BGI’s Fully Equipped Laboratory

BGI Laboratories Ltd, a subsidiary of BGI Resources Ltd, was incorporated in 2007 as an indigenous firm. The company has in its employ highly skilled and experienced laboratory analysts and professionals, dedicated to service, excellence, innovation and the adoption of systems approach to problem solving thus maintaining a leading edge in providing high quality service in Analytical laboratory/Environmental Engineering services. Key areas of expertise include:

  1. Laboratory Analytical Services
  2. Crude Oil Export Analysis
  3. Surface/Ground Water Development
  4. Oil Spill Response and Pollution Control
  5. Industrial Effluent/Gaseous Emission Monitoring
  6. Domestic and Industrial Waste Management and Engineering
  7. Strategic and Technical Support Services

and many more…

Our Quality Policy/Objectives
It is the company’s policy to provide a fast and efficient quality service in analytical data acquisition that meets the highest and most tasking requirements of its clients. The company operates and constantly reviews rigorous quality control/assurance procedures to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

This means that a Quality Management System (QMS) has been established to ensure that the customer requirements are always met.

The quality system meets the requirements of ISO 9002 Standard. The system is designed to achieve quality by preventing problems rather than by detecting and correcting them after they occur. Adherence to the Quality Management System is mandatory for all the employees of BGIL and must be applied to all areas of the Company’s operations.